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Saturday, 1 January 2011

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Weight Update

I've been on a diet for about 2/3weeks now
and I'm glad to say that so far I've lost 8 pounds :)
(3 pounds of which I put on over a two week holiday in Nigeria)
now my current weight is 9.5stone
Leaving me with only 5 pounds more to shed til I reach my target weight of 9stone
Which will probably take about another 2-3 weeks

Monday, 30 August 2010

Back on Track!

Omg omg omg
guys you have no idea how excited I am right now!
remember I was talking about making this huge decision about the next 3/4 years of my life career wise?
Well after some talks with some friends, my closest friend, my mum and my GOD.

It's like, I wasn't even facing this crisis less than a week ago.

I have decided to stick with my original plan, but not because I'm scared of change; but because I actually really do love helping people, it's in my nature and if I could one day get paid to do something that comes so naturally to me, then I'm going to go for it and work my ass off to get it by all means.

Just because I didn't do as well as I wanted doesn't mean I suck at what I'm doing, it just means that I didn't work hard enough and I know that within myself.

So yesterday after church I sorted out my 5 university choices, my top 3, open days, entry requirements.

All that's left is my personal statement (which I really should have done a while ago) and getting my placement at a occupational theraputic ward ;) (THANKS MUM)

See guys, It just feels amazing to know that you're getting your life on track. It may be slowly, but it's surely.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

-_- I just had the most stressful morning

Now it's official I only do the craziest shit for my "best friend"
my housephone is ringing off the hook, reluctantly i decide to pick it up only to hear my friend's voice tellin me
"I don't care what you're doing right now u have to go to edmonton green train station to pick up £30 from a friend of mine so you can put it in my account so i can buy a train ticket out of Hastings to go to Milton Keynes cause I'm stranded.
Oh and you have 5minutes, he's on the train and will be at the station soon"

Erm....wahhht? *screwface*

I'm so sorry but there is NO way i can get to edmonton green train station in 5 minutes, i live atleast 10 minutes away from there.
and why the fuck are u stranded in the first place? who asked you to go to Hastings?

Now my mobile battery was dead, hence why she was calling on my landline,
so that caused even more of a dilema...

this story is too fuckin long to recite word for word u know so I'm just gna cut it short.

I had to charge my phone for like 3minutes, run out my house, no bra, no shower, no brushing of teeth,
and some IDIOT decided to take my housekeys so i had to run around like a headless chicken looking for someone else's pair
Power walk out of my house
(the guy rang me and told me the train was due at the station for 11:07 , giving me just over 15 minutes which was more time than i was actually informed of ¬¬)
Power walked to the station hoping I didn't bump into anyone
and i magically happend to get there on time....waited....collected the money
then had to go all the way to angel edmonton cause there is no santandaer in Edmonton Green. KMT
and come all the way back home stinkin, to find that My brother is occupying the bathrooom. FFS.
so i decided to write this in the meantime, and now I'm going to have my bath.



I hate being awake at these times cause I get very hungry.
And as of today I'm on a diet.
    I've put on 3 pounds
        but I'm looking to drop one stone.

from 10st - 9st. Which I think is reasonable.
And if you don't.....
I don't care

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Change of plan?

After getting my AS results, I started seriously contemplating my lack of interest for Sociology, reconsidering my passion for Psychology and reassessing my motive for Performing Arts.
(I didn't fail or anything, I passed but just not as well as I would've liked.)

Now It doesn't matter how good I am at something, I wont commit to it if my heart isn't there.
And to be perfectly honest my heart abandoned Sociology a long time ago, it's loosing interest in psychology and is just straight playin Performing Arts.

So ultimately, what I'm saying is.
I think I'm going to drop one or two of these subjects.
Now, I don't pay much attention to UCAS but what I do know is that I don't want to have to retake a whole year; (I mean, why should I, I didn't fail) I just want to pick up an AS in their place or something. But I'll sort that all out when I go to re-enrol next friday.

I'm still awake because for the past hour plus I have been looking at Courses in FashionPhotography at a couple of Uni's, and it's far cry from what I was convinced I was going to do for the next 3-4years.

I've been convinced that I was going to uni to do a course in Counselling Psychology, but the way I'm feeling at the moment
My heart just isn't there any more.

Now maybe I'm just looking too deep into this
Or maybe I'm not as cut out for the Social Sciences as I thought
But I have this yearning for photography
and this zeal for fashion.
Wow, Am I really about to take this route?
I think I may just be headed down that road.