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Saturday, 31 July 2010

I'm losing weight...

But to be honest,
I don't really mind.

Mainly because I put weight on (apparently)

As long as my derriere and hips don't go nowhere

It's not a problem.

Love and Affection

It will be on my playlist by the end of the day.

Friday, 30 July 2010

Is it by force?

Primark is helping out a lot of girls boy

Now, I have no issue with shopping in Primark.
But four of the biggest bags?
You should've seen the way this girl was struggling to carry them.
Just take it easy.
Primark ain't goin nowhere.


Frik.I went to sleep at 4:40am this morning.
its almost 12pm
I'm sposed to
Take a shower,
Get dressed,
go to the bank,
 do some grocery shopping, 
go back home
 then go all the way to Dalston
 and be back before 4:30 to go to a wedding reception.

How the hell am I sposed to fit all that in, given the time that I have?

Thursday, 29 July 2010

"My Porcelain God"

Scrubs Season 3, Episode 13: "My Porcelain God"

The "Epiphany Toilet"

Gee, I wish I had one of those.


*Cue Geordie Accent* (subtitles available)
D'eay fouwa (Day4) In the Blogspot hous an blog meate Tolulu as finally gotten her Cheerios, due to succesfully complea'en (completing) a sho'innp (shopping) task las niet (lastnight)

Hey there tummy, What's that you're sayin?

 Its saying "Feed me.
                            you lazy cow"

 Oh =/
But I really don't like eating past 12:30am 

And It just so happens that I'm craving for those cheerios cause I know there is milk in the fridge now.
But not to worry, I'm just gonner sleep it off & When I wake up I will finally be having those tasty little O's first thing in morning.

I'll make sure of it. >:)

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Sorry Harry!

Aw I just got an inbox from my friend Harry (Thats Headboy Harry to you)  but, he was blasting me for almost giving him a heart attack with my previous post.
 Sorrrrrry Harrrry :(
He was ready to jump out of bed and be my Superman and come to the rescue of this damsel in distress from an "apparent" knocking on her front door :$

 Sorry to anyone else I may have given a heart attack to..
Thats just my sense of humour..
 But just to clear everything up
There has been NO Knocking I repeat NO KNOCKING at my front door.
I am safe :) xxx

Knock Knock... =l Who's There?!?!


 :'( :'( :'( :'(
so there is a *knock knock* at my front door.


No one :)



 I came out my house to go get the MILK I was craving for yeah for my Cheerios from what TWO DAYS AGO out my mums car then this guy catches me off guard asking for directions to this road, that is Literally Just the next road. So I'm there proper givin him directions cos im like 
'yayy i kno were this is i can actually help him out here'

    Then he interrupts me in mid speech "you have beautiful eyes" ..ah..thanks :) So u keep going str8 then u take a right  "to be honest i dont actually need directions I just wanted to get ur attention"
    Ah o.ka.y "So whats your name?" .......NAOMI (This is the name i give to ppl I can tell are not quite together upstairs) "Ahh Naomi ur eyes r really beautiful, just wnted to get ur attention *cue creepy smile*
    tbh mate, im in a rush i jus came to get sum shopping from my mums car "OHHH, SO YOU LIVE ROUND HERE THEN? :D" .......yes :(
    "then y aint i seen u b4? what do u do? where abouts do u live, do u have a boyfriend?" YES (lie) "but do u live with him? ;)"...YES (another lie)
    "Can i get ur number?" no sorry, im actually in a rush, "AHHH BUT I WANT IT! HOW ABOUT U MEET ME BAK OUT HERE IN AN HOUR BABE?"
    Erm nah I dnt really want to if im honest "Nahh I'll wait for u, u said ur name's Naomi yeah? cool I'll be here"
    So i power walk away into my car, try to waste time to see if he walks off, NOPE! he was still standing there watching the carrr :( :(
    I come out n try run away.. "NAOMI! YOU GOT A PEN IN THE CAR? CHECK FOR A PEN SO U CAN TAKE MY NUMBER DOWN" nahh i DONT WANT ur number!
    "LOLOLOL, AITE, ONE HOUR YEAH, THEN U CAN COME BACK TO MINE TO CHILL FOR A BIT *cue psychotic look in eyes :)"                *I start to walk off* look bak hes still there
    NOW my house is smack bang across the road from where we are in my view and most definitely no doubt in his view too, now my mum is prob thinking "hmm Tolus been out for a bit now..what's taking her so long?" but there is NO way I'm walking into my house right now
    so i walk Past it but the next turn is toooo far down i look back, i can see him looking for me FML
    i just had to cross back over i cudnt hack not being safe at home.
    Then i thought u know what FUCK IT, im goin in my house why am i letting this douchebag stop me?
    (Erm maybe because he'll know where you live and haunt you forever? :)
    He saw me walkin back towards him but i kno this must have been GOD
    he just started to walk off...THANK YOU JESUS.
    i rannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn to my front door and locked that sheet behind me boy.
when 10:30 hits he said he'll be back there waiting for me.

If at 10:40 there is a knock on my door. Just know I have a new stalker.

To all you enemies of progress

I will never hit a stumbling block, my progress shall be rapid in Jesus name. Amen.


You know I only worked out what 'brunch' meant about 2 months ago, after hearing it for like at least 3 years.
And actually eating it like 4 times a week.

Its a cross between 'Breakfast and Lunch' .. Brunch. Clever aye.
Anyway you might recall me blogging/tweeting about how I havent eaten much in the past 2 or so days and thats cause there's like no food at home :(

I got up early today, (oh and I aint goin to that voluntary thing after all cos its got something to do with a conservatory and I'm not particualry interested in conservatories, or plants.)

Went to ASDA to buy some lady pads, nd thought ahh, I havent eaten yet  lemme buy some lunch.
So heres what I got
 Tropical juice is my sheeeeeet.
(thats a chicken and bacon pasta salad btw)
(fruit salad, grapes, kiwi and pineapple)
altogether that cost me about 2squid something. (the juice was from home)

So there's my brunch and I'm a happy bunny :)

But I don't want my monthly gift!

:'( :'(

 I don't care about what any male has to say, we females get it so baddd! :(
Later on today around 2 I'm supposed to be going to out volunteer somewhere (I will not disclose the location, for obvious reasons)
 And then
SMACK BANG at like 2am this morning Mother Nature decided to pop round for tea and biscuits -_-
 Now having woke up, I'm feeling the full effect of her wrath *grrr* >:( having said nasty things about her all through my sleep till this very moment as I'm typing to you lovely bunch :)

Last time I was on was a Sunday & I couldn't even get out of my bed to go to church :(
 All I'm saying is, I just want the pain she's inflicting to sod off so I can get on with my day.

What a bitch.

Amy Amy Amy

She has my ears x

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Amy Amy Amy

In my book 'FRANK' was one of the best Debut Albums Released on the 20th of October 2003.

'Back to Black'  (4th October 2006) was quality too; it won five Grammy awards, tying the record (with Lauryn Hill, Alicia KeysBeyoncé Norah Jones, and Alison Krauss
And to date, its sold over 10million copies worldwide.

We all know Amy has her issues, but who doesn't?
Now. don't get me wrong I'm not a fan of her body image or all the drugs she's associated with. I'm a fan of her music. And as far as I'm concerned, her work as an artist speaks volumes.

I remember when Michael Jackson passed away and about 2weeks later I recall saying;

"I'm don't need to cry for him, cause he's achieved so much, and although his death has been a major loss to the music industry it isn't a complete tragedy because he has left an untouchable musical legacy behind.
  But lets say if for example someone like, 'Amy Winehouse' died, I would be in tears; because there is still so much she is yet to achieve as an artist. Mainly because of the way she is living her life. We've seen what she can do, but she still has so much more to give. In my mind it would be a greater tragedy if the music industry lost someone like her who is still yet to fulfil their absolute potential"

(Now don't try and quote me out of context, I'm not tryna put Amy Winehouse on the same level as Michael Jackson, but in that situation of death, With Amy it would be: "What if?"
And we all know how frustrating thinking "what if?" can be)

And she only comes from down the road! She grew up in Southgate, That's around the corner from me (okay more like around the corner and down the road but still)
     Home girl is good peoples And highlighted below are my personal faves from her albums.

2. Stronger Than Me

3. You Sent Me Flying
4. Know You Now
5. Fuck Me Pumps
6. I Heard Love Is Blind
7. Moody's Mood For Love
8. (There Is) No Greater Love
9. In My Bed
10. Take The Box
11. October Song
12. What Is It About Men

13. Help Yourself

 14. Amy Amy Amy    
15.Mister Magic (Through the smoke)

  1. Rehab
  2. You Know I'm No Good
  3. Me & Mr Jones
  4. Just Friends
  5. Back To Black
  6. Love Is A Losing Game
  7. Tears Dry On Their Own
  8. Wake Up Alone
  9. Some Unholy War
  10. He Can Only Hold Her
  11. You Know I'm No Good (Remix)

She also had a double disc collection titled 'The other side of Amy Winehouse'

This had a couple unreleased tracks on it, but mostly remixes and acoustic versions of songs off her last two albums.
My faves from this one are:
Get Over It ft JTWR
B Boy Baby (Feat. Mutya Buena)
Hey Little Rich Girl
Valerie (Mark Ronson Version)
Heard It Through The Grapevine (Duet With Paul Weller
I think it's safe to say that I do <3 abit of Amy Winehouse, she is one of my favourite Artist and she is very underrated by most people. Yeah her personal life sucks abit but she's also a celebrity, 
what celebrity do you know that is squeaky clean?
Either way people let her personal life get in the way of taking a minute to actually listen to her music and for anyone who does listen, you'll know that she takes great pride in what she does.

Let me cry over spilt milk!

*Puts on best Geordie accent* Deay twou in the Blogspot hous and Blog meate Tolulu, is yet to'ev eaten any Cheerios.

  seven foughtey ate PM.

Where the hell is my mum with the bloody milk?! 



I created this blog yesterday (which I already love so much), as well as a tumblr account. And it's safe to say that I'm sucking over at tumblr.com
It's supposedly the "easiest" way to blog. Yet a smart ass like me can't seem to get to grips with it.

Never the less, I'm determined to get something out of it, because that's the kind of person I am.
But as for now,
 I dislike Tumblr.com I think it's rubbish; because I don't exactly know how to use it. But when I do, you all have permission to call me a hypocrite.

Isiah 43 verse 2

When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they shall not overwhelm you; when you walk through fire you shall not be burned, and the flame shall not consume you.

Good Aftermorning

I'm currently sitting in my bed with my laptop resting on my right thigh looking at the time and wondering if I should get out of bed anytime soon. Mainly because my mum should be back from work in the next hour or so and will, I repeat WILL moan at me if she comes back home to find me still in bed.


And I am kinda hungry seeing as I didn't really eat much yday apart from Water biscuits (which I think I'm slightly addicted to now) and Rice krispies , I'm sure that's how you spell them?

But there is that age old problem.
There is a Brand spanking new pack of Cheerios CLUSTERS *ooooooh* and of course. no milk.
I already know this because I finished it last night.
There are cartons of milk in my mums car boot though. (we buy the UHT milk, so no its not gone off if that thought happened to cross your mind for a sec)

So maybe, its a sign. That, I should stay in bed, and wait.
wait for her to come home, so I can get milk out of her car to eat breakfast :)

I should probably take a shower though.

Why Can't There Be Love?

This song is getting a lot of repeats on my playlist at the moment.
You guys will mostly recognise it from the recent Adidas Oringinals Party commercial
It's a proper Jam! I love my Soul & my Jazz
Kudos to Adidas for havin some real music in their ad.

Monday, 26 July 2010

Winchmore Fashion Show (Backstage pics)

Just some General Hoo Ha

All in all it the show was kick ass the final pieces were hot, the models were hot, only one girl tripped. *sniggers*
Well done to designers I also call my friends :) (You know who you areee)
I Heart those fierce bitches ;)

Kisses xx

Winchmore Fashion Show (Backstage pics)

A couple pics of my personal fave models and designers ;)

I loved Leah's dress And I love the fact that it was pop art inspired! Which made modelling it even better cos We all know I <3 Pop Art!

Winchmore Fashion Show (Backstage pics)

We Love a Bit of Drama

Winchmore Fashion Show

So, Winchmore (my 6th form) Had its very first fashion show on July the 20th (Wooop Wooop) Showcasing our Fashion Student's final pieces. (from year 10-13)
I had my ticket ready to support the cause! Holla for the fiercest model and laugh at the girl who trips cause she can't walk in heels.
Then at lastminute.com I ended up modelling my 'Chinese Cypriot' babygirl LEAH's dress and gave my ticket away because I'm so nice ^_^
I'll get some Backstage pics up for anyone who's interested, and we're still waiting on the pics from the runway taken by the photographer.

*Diva Snap* ;) xx

My room smells a little like a nail salon

Hi guys, J'ai mal à la tête. I have a headache :( From the nail polish fumes.Show All
But I just thought I should share what I've been up to with you all, and I didn't even use any of the nail polishes I bought earlier except from the one that I actually needed (the black nail decor one) lol
How Ironic.

And above is a picture of the end result :) They're not acrylic they're au naturelle. I've never had my nails done in a salon before in my life!

Kisses xx

Sacre Bleu!

So I went to the bank today, and I had like £4 change on me so I decided to pop into a "Afro hair and beauty" shop. Which have you noticed are predominantly ran by Asains?
 This inparticular one was called "SHABA" ...very snazzy.
Anyways, I was only really after a nail art decor polish (the uber thin ones the chinese lady uses to do ur designs in the nail shop) Yeah, those ones.
I got there saw the one I needed, then saw another I wanted.
then spotted a nice shade of blue nail polish, then a black one and thought "ooh hasn't my black one at home dried out?" then a clear one n thought "Hello, where have you been all my life?"


I went to the cashpoint withdrew a tenner and ended up spending £11.something on nail varnish
*Hangs head in shame*

BUT, I am going to have fun doing my nails :)
Which I am about to make a start on now.

Au revoir! x

Open the Door. Close the Door. I am SO confusedd

OK. so
I've been working my way around "blogger.com" and I'm a tad bit frazzeld. (To say the least)
I'm tryna get a badge from lookbook up: Its not working
I'm tryna get a twitter feed slash widget slash whateveryoucallit up: It's not working.
This is the internet. No ones gonna help me. 

Jim'll fix it.?
*sigh* okay.
Deséame suerte
(That's Spanish, for 'Wish me luck')

Testing 1,2,3

*Clears throat*.... then *scratches head*
(The newbie stage is so embarrassing :$)

Hi *awkward smile* I know I know, my blog is a little unimpressive at the mo. But when you're just starting out, thats the way it usually goes.

I've always admired bloggers, cause blogging seems to be a very time consuming thing & time is one thing that I wish I had more of.

Either way I've finally acted upon my desire to blog and we'll see how it goes from here. If it goes well, you'll be seeing and hearing more from me (you lucky things ;)

If not.
Well er, then I guess at least I can tick it off my "To do List" ?