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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

But I don't want my monthly gift!

:'( :'(

 I don't care about what any male has to say, we females get it so baddd! :(
Later on today around 2 I'm supposed to be going to out volunteer somewhere (I will not disclose the location, for obvious reasons)
 And then
SMACK BANG at like 2am this morning Mother Nature decided to pop round for tea and biscuits -_-
 Now having woke up, I'm feeling the full effect of her wrath *grrr* >:( having said nasty things about her all through my sleep till this very moment as I'm typing to you lovely bunch :)

Last time I was on was a Sunday & I couldn't even get out of my bed to go to church :(
 All I'm saying is, I just want the pain she's inflicting to sod off so I can get on with my day.

What a bitch.

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