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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Good Aftermorning

I'm currently sitting in my bed with my laptop resting on my right thigh looking at the time and wondering if I should get out of bed anytime soon. Mainly because my mum should be back from work in the next hour or so and will, I repeat WILL moan at me if she comes back home to find me still in bed.


And I am kinda hungry seeing as I didn't really eat much yday apart from Water biscuits (which I think I'm slightly addicted to now) and Rice krispies , I'm sure that's how you spell them?

But there is that age old problem.
There is a Brand spanking new pack of Cheerios CLUSTERS *ooooooh* and of course. no milk.
I already know this because I finished it last night.
There are cartons of milk in my mums car boot though. (we buy the UHT milk, so no its not gone off if that thought happened to cross your mind for a sec)

So maybe, its a sign. That, I should stay in bed, and wait.
wait for her to come home, so I can get milk out of her car to eat breakfast :)

I should probably take a shower though.

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