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Wednesday, 28 July 2010


You know I only worked out what 'brunch' meant about 2 months ago, after hearing it for like at least 3 years.
And actually eating it like 4 times a week.

Its a cross between 'Breakfast and Lunch' .. Brunch. Clever aye.
Anyway you might recall me blogging/tweeting about how I havent eaten much in the past 2 or so days and thats cause there's like no food at home :(

I got up early today, (oh and I aint goin to that voluntary thing after all cos its got something to do with a conservatory and I'm not particualry interested in conservatories, or plants.)

Went to ASDA to buy some lady pads, nd thought ahh, I havent eaten yet  lemme buy some lunch.
So heres what I got
 Tropical juice is my sheeeeeet.
(thats a chicken and bacon pasta salad btw)
(fruit salad, grapes, kiwi and pineapple)
altogether that cost me about 2squid something. (the juice was from home)

So there's my brunch and I'm a happy bunny :)

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