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Friday, 20 August 2010

I got my Window Seat

Hi, I'm back From Nigeria/Tripoli

The past two weeks were so peaceful, mainly because I got the chance to get away from Everyone and Everything.
 I do wish I had a camera with me tho, I had to make do with a good quality camera phone (5mega pix). But my battery kept dying so fast out there so there were moments I didn't get a chance to take as many pics as I wanted to :(

Anyways, I don't wanna do much talking. I'll just post the view pics that I have up.

 mommy dearest in the 1st /Business Class lounge at Gatwick.



                      Tripoli (Libya)

Lounge in Tripoli.
Which reminds me, this is where I made all my cute Libyan male friends :) One of em even asked my mum if he could marry me.

    Okada (Motorbike) Most popular form of transport. It is the most efficient. But I don't particularly think it's the safest


 My aunts House, this is the Parlour, I really wanted to get pics of the whole house on the estate but as i said before my battery was giving me problems.

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